Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dancing with the Stars: Rhumba and Samba

You know, with both Joey Fatone and Laila Ali consistently rockin' it on the dance floor, who would have thought the first perfect 30 score would go to cutie pies, Apolo Ohno and his partner Julianne Hough. Their samba was definitely my fave for the night and will probably get the encore performance in tonight's result show:

I also liked Joey Fatone's rhumba, even though I was a bit distracted by his song, "Besame Mucho", which I will forever associate with Sanjaya's latin night performance. It was cute to see Lance Bass helping him out, but is Joey also really friends with Alfonso Ribeiro? By the way, last time I saw Alfonso, he was on the singing version of DWTS, a little show called Celebrity Duets on Fox - anyone else catch that?

Speaking of random guests - I wonder who Mrs. Brady (Florence Henderson) is friends with?

I loved the bit where Laila's football player fiance came to inspect their rhumba rehearsal - very cute!

As for Heather and her partner Jonathon, I don't know which was more awkward to watch - him getting all his chest hair waxed off (OUCH!!!) or her falling at the very end of their routine when she tried to balance on her faux leg. She's a champ, that's for sure.

Finally, I really hope the b-ball fans give Clyde a rest and that he gets eliminated tonight. He is super dull to watch and I would rather watch Cliff Clavin any day over him. I mean, even Master P provided a little bit of entertainment.

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