Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Take: Dancing with the Stars

Bye-bye, Clyde, it was nice knowin' ya! But I can't believe Heather Mills was also in the bottom two - I thought for sure she had a big fan base. Are people that miffed about the whole Paul McCartney thing?

Loved the swing dancing routine with the pros - did you guys catch Louis Van Amstel in the bunch? They usually don't do swing on this show, do they? Usually, it's just the jive, right? I love swing dancing so I hope they do that dance next week.

As for Lisa Rinna's Broadway debut for Chicago... hmmm... honestly, I wasn't loving it. She's not a singer and it didn't sound that great on TV - maybe it will be better in the theater? I also hope they do something different with her hair on Broadway - right now, I don't see Roxie Hart, I just see Lisa Rinna and her humongo lips.

I really like the behind-the-scene bits that the show does. Three and a half hours of make-up??? Yikes.