Monday, May 07, 2007

Quick Snippets of the Week

Wow, my last posting was on April 17th. My bad. Anyway, although I am completely behind at work, my brain is already completely fried (and it's only Monday - waaah!) so I think I need an entertainment break.

Since I didn't have time to post on all my favorite shows... I'll just offer some commentary on what I found interesting during this past week of TV. (And I just got a DVR - yeehaw! Maybe I'll have more fun stuff to comment on... as if I need to watch any more TV...)

Dancing with the Stars: Cute - Brandon, Kelly, and Donna all came out to cheer on Steve Sanders!

American Idol: I thought Blake's "remix" of You Give Love a Bad Name was pretty cool. It's always fun when AI actually yields something pretty hip and contemporary - compared to say, Mandy from Barry Manilow. Also, I thought it was pretty cool that Jon Bon Jovi let him do that - sure, he had his reservations, but he was still OK with it. I still remember when Ace Young wanted to mix up a Queen song, and the guy was like, um... no.

Veronica Mars: Is back! Woo-hoo! There were a lot of funny moments in this episode but obviously the huge thing was Piz finally making a move on Veronica. Personally, I thought the smooches were kind of luke-warm, so I'm not buying the whole "Pizonica" thing. I'm still a fan of Veronica and Logan even though he's moved on to her friend. Logan and Veronica (aka LoVe) - now those two had CHEMISTRY.

Lost: Hello! How insane was that ending with Locke, Locke's dad, and Sawyer?! Couldn't you just feel the hate oozing out of Sawyer's eyes all the way through your TV screen??? Talk about intense death scene. Also, how is it that Juliet looks so luminous while at the camp. She must have some beauty products stashed away in the forest too.

The Office: When will they start getting Pam and Jim back together??? I'm worried now b/c there are reports that they shot two season finales b/c they're waiting to see if Karen's (Rashida Jones) pilot gets picked up. Egads!

Ugly Betty: I thought this episode was HILARIOUS! Especially funny was when Wilhemina forced Marc to rough her up and then they started swatting each other before he knocked her down the stairs. Hate Alexis's admin, though... he was such a sweetie on Veronica Mars and now he is just an a**hole, throwing stuff at Betty when she was doing so well on the mechanical bull. Although I am disappointed at Betty for taking other people's food out of the fridge - shouldn't matter if there's a name or not, you know it's not yours!

Grey's Anatomy: OK, we can talk about GA, like Meredith getting slapped by her dad, George and Izzie smooching again, Christina trying on frou-frou wedding dresses... however, what I really found interesting was how I'm so NOT sold on the GA spin-off. Weird, b/c I would have thought creator Shonda Rhimes could do no wrong, but I honestly wasn't really into the SoCal show. However, it was interesting to see Piz from VM in this new role as the receptionist - who knew he had all that hiding under his scrubby clothes!!!

Late Night with Conan O'Brien: Conan was in SF last week and I loved how they tried to work that into the show with funny commentary such as "picking up a** at the 24 hr Safeway at the Marina" and discussing the upcoming Bay to Breakers as "good for people that love to run but hate wearing clothes or being sober".

Desperate Housewives: The ending where Mike picks up Susan and lays one on her? GAG. But the story with Lynette, Tom, and the hot chef was interesting - didn't see that coming! But it looks like Lynette was really tormented by the whole thing - more trouble to come, I'm sure. Too bad - b/c Jason Gedrick is yummy.

Brothers and Sisters: Seriously - if you're looking for aspirin, would you really take something from your brother's prescription bottle? And not even read it??? Why wouldn't you stick to something like Tylenol or Advil?

4 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Scott said...

whew! glad youre back. i was going through withdrawls without the updates. keep up the great work. we'll miss you this weekend.

Amanda said...

Yeah seriously - so glad you're back!- I think my shakes have finally subsided.

The Office - when ARE Pam and Jim getting back together!? He's boring with Karen. By the way - loved the episode two weeks ago where Jim and Dwight dressed up as each other. Jim's was sooo spot on!

Grey's Anatomy - ok - I must be crazy - or I just must love trash TV more than I like to admit...but I kinda liked the spinoff. Maybe it's just because I like Addison so much and I wanted to see more of her. Loved the banter with her best friend when they would tease each other - just cracked me up. The rest of the regular G.A. show was just blah. I mean really - he slapped Meredith?! Whatever - the guy has never had a backbone the whole time we have known him. He's not going to slap his daughter. It's retarded. And then Mer just goes and does tequila shots?! Um - if I were McDreamy and I saw that...I might just turn around and walk away too.

Conan - I saw one night of this and was so diappointed that I didn't know he was there. I miss San Francisco and I am sure that there were tons of funny times!!

Desperate Housewives - hmm - not sure if I like all the new things going on with the girls. Susan is just blahhhh. Lynette - I liked how she reacted to new guy bringing up the crush. Her husband has been so annoying I would want to slap him. And do they EVER spend time with their kids anymore? Poor kids. I miss Marcia Cross!

Ok - enough from me.

John said...

Best part of Conan's visit...going to Intel:

kirby said...

thank goodness you're back. i haven't gotten to watch any tv in months (besides watching youtube of my honey, blake lewis). how else am i going to know what's going on in the world?

btw - check out today. he's got a bunch of pics & commentary on fashions from the NY costume ball. you'd heart it.