Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bee Gees night on American Idol

I thought Bee Gees night would be a little fun but instead it was a big fat dud. I actually liked Blake's rendition of "You Should Be Dancing" (although it seemed like he was just goofing around with all the dancing and beatboxing and not delivering a prepared performance like last week). I agree with Simon, why did he pick that second song???

I didn't think anyone else's performances were all that interesting. I also would like to see Jordin start singing like a teenager and not a Celine Dion wannabe. Although - how about that nice compliment from Barry Gibb?

Speaking of Barry Gibb, he continues in the example of other old school artists that never let go of their signature look - that hairstyle is all him. Other examples: Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, etc...

Here is some disturbing news: Blake is dating Antonella??? Ick!

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Last night was just so boring that I ended up watching more of One Tree HIll than AI. Pink's performance was ok - she looks so cute now instead of scary! Amazing what makeup does to a person. Barry's see-thru shirt was horrid and his singing wasn't any better. I think Kiki is going to get a great career on stage somewhere.

I just kept flipping back to OTH which had a super cute episode. THe show actually went to some middle of nowhere town that had won a contest put on by Sunkist. The kids that won the contest actually got to be part of the show. Their acting wasn't half bad - not awesome - but I have seen worse!

kirby said...

Nooooo! Blake can't be dating Antonella! :p