Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last Night's Crazy Creepy Lost Episode (Don't Read if You Haven't Seen It Yet!)

Holy Crap! How creepy was that scene with Locke and Ben in that little shack with "Jacob"? Ben is so frickkin' CREEPY!!! That scene was right out of Psycho! And just when I'm getting over all that... then BANG! Down goes Locke in the pit with the remnants of Ben's "people". I had heard there would be a lot of deaths in the final episodes of this season - but are they really going to lose Locke? What a way to go. Of course, when Locke was bending over looking at the grave pit with Ben standing behind him, didn't you just expect that Locke was going to end up down there? I actually thought Ben was just going to shove him in.

So again, I don't claim to understand all the Lost stories and plotlines. In fact, I'll freely admit that I don't get most of them since I just started watching this season. But I do have some questions - so feel free to chime in to clue me in.

OK, so we discovered that Ben's mom died while giving birth to him and he had an a**hole of a father. I guess that explains why he is a big weirdo now. (And that he looked like Harry Potter as a kid.)

I guess I'm confused how he's tied in with that guy that recruited Juliet to come to the island. (Is it Richard?) He looked the same age when he met Ben as a child, so does he just not age? And did Ben decide to align himself with Richard and his crew and that's why he was OK to gas all his people?

And are we supposed to assume that van where he celebrated his bday with his dad the last time is the same van that Hurley went cruising in? I like how they always connect random things from different episodes. (Like the time they explained why that hottie from Love Actually went to the bathroom)

Anyway... BEN IS SO CREEPY!!! If I ever see that actor in anything else, all I will think is how creepy he was in Lost.

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

After reading this - I am glad that I never got into watching this show. It sounds MESSED UP. :)

John said...

The way I understand is that Ben got pissed off at his dead and missed his mom, so he defected from Dharma because he felt like Dharma was hypocritical. He helped the natives with their genocide and ensured his survival. Richard was a native. At some point, Ben rises to power as a native, and Richard comes to work for him. Hurley's van and Ben's dad's van are the same, thus the significance of "Work Man" on the uniform.

pamela said...

Richard never aged, but Ben does. So why don't the natives age? i don't understand!