Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kathy Griffin, So You Think You Can Dance, and The Sopranos

OK, I know people hate her and find her completely annoying but I will admit it - I LOVE Kathy Griffin. I think she is absolutely hilarious. So of course, I am thrilled that season 3 of her show, My Life on the D-List, has just started up again on Bravo.

Kathy recently divorced her husband and now is looking to date again - except this time, her main goal is to get coverage in the tabloids. It's hilarious to hear her explain it.

Anyway, her first date for "publicity"? Why, it's Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys! No lie. I'm surprised he signed up for this, especially since AJ McLean was Kathy's first choice. (And by the way - ew, Kathy. Brian was always my first choice, then Nick, Howie and Kevin are a toss up, but AJ would definitely be last for me.)

The date was pretty funny. Here are some quotes from Kathy during this episode:

"Nick is almost as black as Justin Timberlake. And that's as black as you can get."

(to Nick) "I swear if I have to open one door, I'm gonna kick you in the balls. 'Cause I'm a lady, goddammit."

(in reference to Nick only being 27) "I'm not about to molest this boy if there's no paparazzi taking pictures."

Anyway, that show makes me laugh. Here's a clip from a previous season that to this day still makes me cry from laughing so hard! Basically, one of her dogs keeps running away from her property, so Kathy hires a professional to help her train her dog.

I'm also loving that So You Think You Can Dance is back, too. Especially that we're now at the performance shows. Haven't picked out my favorites but I'm really starting to like Lacey, kid sis of last season's winner, Benji. She was all over that Mia Michaels routine. Although it sort of reminded me of one of my favorite performances from last season - Ivan and Allison dancing to "Why" from Annie Lennox. (And here's another cute routine from that couple.)

I'm still trying to figure out Mia's choreography - the whole lyrical style is not really my thing, but her routines are always the most interesting and emotional.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see the dancers try different styles than what they're used to. For example, I'd like to see Hok do anything besides breakdance or hip hop - ballroom on lyrical would be interesting with him. You could see how dancing hip hop was a challenge for latin ballroom dancer, Faina.

Finally, what's up with the Sopranos? I've never watched the show but everyone is talking about it lately. Was that episode the series finale (as opposed to the season finale)?

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