Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Hills Are Alive Again!

As my friend Pam pointed out - The Hills is coming back soon! Yippee! It will premiere on August 13th.

Check out the trailer for Season 3:

Ooh... this is going to be a good one! All sorts of fun stuff in our future. Lauren is going to date like a guy which should be interesting, especially since they showed snippets of J-Wahl and Brody Jenner. Whitney broke up with her BF so it looks like she will be on the dating scene as well. And Audrina is now Lauren's roommate.

Unfortunately, Spencer will still appear as Heidi will continue to be featured on the show. As well as skank-o Jen! BUT it looks like there will be a juicy bitchfest between Lauren and Heidi so that should be fun.

Now what happened to Laguna Beach??? Sure, the Tessa-narrated season wasn't quite as exciting as previous ones, but I still like the show. Hmm... I wonder. That's OK - I just discovered this channel, The Noggin, that has been playing old Laguna Beach episodes - right now they are showing the Kristen-narrated season.

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