Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thoughts on So You Think You Can Dance

Wow - they were only off for one week but it seemed like so much longer! I missed these guys.

Here are my random comments:

  • Someone has to teach me the Schwimmer heel-slide move!
  • Although I am a big fan of Sabra and Dominic, I didn't get how everyone raved about their Shane Sparks routine. It was cute but not one of the best of the night at all. And I definitely liked the other Shane Sparks/Ne-Yo routine better - the one with the umbrella.
  • Fun to see Benji and Heidi again. And you could totally tell that was a Benji choreographed dance - if you didn't look too closely, you could have mistaken Pasha for Benji himself!
  • Rumored crush between Jaimie and Hok??? Ick.
  • Regarding the dancer interviews... Best secret? Neil's Chewbacca impression. Lamest? Danny's sunglass collection. I'm glad guest judge Adam Shankman called him out for coming across as arrogant. I tend to agree with that, despite what Nigel says.
  • Loved Vanessa Williams's surprise when Nigel mentioned her at the end of the show. You could tell she was not prepared to have TV time.
  • I was really impressed with Cedric! He worked that mambo routine!
  • I feel like any Wade Robson routine has an unfair advantage over the others... his choreography is so unique and amazing! And Neil definitely was awesome as the "villain" - but his spiky hair seemed really long - do you think he had hair extensions in there?

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