Friday, July 20, 2007

Who knew - I like Posh!

I don't get the bad Posh press... I thought her reality special was highly entertaining. If that had been a whole series, I would have watched it. (Although, I also check in to Hey Paula from time to time, so obviously I'm easy to please.)

I was pleasantly surprised by the Posh special - she is actually pretty funny! She always seems so stoic to me but in the show, you could see she has a good sense of humor. She wears stiletto heels when lounging at her pool - that's funny! And the way she posed for her DMV photo made me laugh out loud. She had some little league players help her prepare to throw the first pitch at a Dodgers game. She got tipsy with some kooky neighbors. And she even had coffee with Perez Hilton even though he told her he has referred to her as an alien on his website.

OK, sure she is a bit spoiled... but I like her a lot more now than I did before.

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Amanda said...

I totally have to agree with you on this one. Her life seems a bit surreal but I was rather entertained too. She seems like someone that would be fascinating to talk to and hear her view of reality.