Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another TV tip - VH1's The Pickup Artist

OK, guys, here's another show I'm going to throw out there... The Pickup Artist on VH1. It's a competition show where "Mystery" (aka The Pickup Artist) and his two wingmen coach 8 awkward dudes on how to pick up chicks. Kind of like Hitch. I was a little skeptical at first, because Mystery is not exactly the cat's meow in my book, but he appears to have some well thought out strategies and so far it's been quite interesting! There's only been two episodes so far and it's just so funny to hear how they break it all down.

For example, here's some terminology introduced in the second episode:

  • Avatar (personal image): All the guys were told they blend in too much so they were each told to give themselves a makeover and create a unique look for themselves. Some worked out well (Spoon and his new mohawk and ear piercings) and others (the 45 yr old in hip hop clothes) not so much
  • Gambit (opening line): The guys were then taught the value of a good opener - the point of which is to create interest in you, without appearing too interested in them. They guys were then taught a whole set of canned, "proven" openers to try out at the bar that night. They pretty much all seemed like survey questions, like "Hey guys - do you floss before or after you brush?" or "My friend's girlfriend kissed a girl - is that cheating?" or "Is it OK to have strippers at my friend's bachelor party?". Another tip - "Hey - want to see me breakdance?" is not a good opener
  • Set (a group of people): The guys' competition in this episode was to see who could best open a set. The guys were videotaped talking to people at a bar while Mystery and his wingmen watched and commented. Let me tell you - sports commentary on pick up attempts is hilarious!

Overall - good show. Very entertaining!

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

John said...

I can't believe that Spoon broke down like a little wuss. That's the second fat asian dude I've seen break down in tears and quit a reality show this year (Hell's kitchen). Gives us a bad name...

Audgepodge said...

I know! I can't believe he just quit like that - especially after he rallied to talk to those girls at the club that night.