Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hills!!!

Before we begin... yay for the SYTYCD final four, Lacey, Sabra, Danny, and Neil! I'm happy with those choices. I'm so sad the show is ending though. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if some of the good ballroom dancers went on to Dancing with the Stars? You know, like Pasha, for example.

As for the Hills... yay, the gang is back! And I've got LOTS of comments!

First episode:

  • So - was there a sex tape or not? And I could see Spencer starting that rumor - but Heidi?
  • Spencer and his fishtank - ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Seriously, what is wrong with this kid?
  • C'mon, Whitney, Lauren's London boy was cute!
  • Speaking of which, I can appreciate Lauren wanting to date like a guy... but she was getting kind of annoying with boasting about her "jackpot" at the club
  • Jen Bunney and her "focusing on real friendships"... PLEASE!!! Did she forget that Heidi basically told her to beat it when she visited her at Bolthouse after the Brody scandal?
  • Ooh - catfight at Les Deux! It almost got as intense as when Alex bitched out Jessica in Cabo. Almost. But it was still good.
  • Yay, it's Elodie! Diggin' the new brunette 'do...
  • Random comment - I'm a big fan of Lauren and all her "frocks"
  • What version of the Umbrella song did they play at the end of the first episode? Was that Rhianna? I like the original version better.

Second episode:
  • Spencer's "gift".... where do we even begin? Obviously, the fish tank was not really an indication of the *horrible* taste Spencer has in home decor. Graffiti??? All over the living room??? In a really nice apartment??? Heidi - how many red flags does a girl need?!!!! Geesh.
  • OK, first impression of Justin, Audrina's ex - did anyone see that coming? I was *not* expecting a long-haired, artsy looking fellow - especially one that wants to be nicknamed Bobby.
  • YAY - Lo is back! And I'm with her, I prefer a guy who is good already - none of this bad boy nonsense
  • Lauren is *really* good at giving the evil death stare - has Audrina learned nothing from the Heidi fiasco?
  • How many cats do these girls have?
  • Spencer is so incredibly lame when he was shopping for rings... "Where's the bling?" Ick. As for the proposal... well, I just don't get why Heidi loves him so much.

The teasers for the rest of the season look awesome! Whitney kisses Brody? Lauren hangs out with Jason again? Lauren and Jason run into Heidi and Spencer? Can't wait!

Darn MTV - why did you have to debut Newport Harbor afterward? I need to get to bed!!! I'll comment on that one later...

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pamela said...

OMG! i just read that spencer's promise/engagement ring is CZ and only cost $150! No wonder he ripped up the receipt. And what was up with that graffiti! I can't stand Spencer so much but why can't i stop talking about him?!?!