Monday, August 06, 2007

I love those boys!

My Boys is hysterical. This episode had so many funny moments... I just love those boys! I want to hang out with them, too, don't you? Some highlights:

  • Trouty referring to Bobby as "Boo-boo" (Speaking of which, talk about playing an opposite character from David on Roseanne!)
  • PJ's brother working his tuxedo - playing party planner, bartender, drummer in the band
  • Bobby making fun of PJ flirting with the Cubs player ("Ugh! Just the whole thing... ugh.")
  • All the boys telling Bobby how hot he is - forcing him to finally blow up at PJ and the Cubs player and telling them to back off since being sexy is not one of his things
  • Trouty is #16 and Brando only scores #37? Really?
  • Kenny's response when PJ accused him of not knowing anything about her potential Cubs suitor: "I know him. He's on my fantasy team. He's breaking my heart and he'll break yours too!"

I know there were so many more but I can't remember them now.

I think it's hilarious that there's all this tension between Stephanie and Kenny but they never explain why. I thought maybe I had missed something - but I've read some articles on the show and I'm pretty sure they've never explained it. Theories, anyone?

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pamela said...

I love this show! I'm a little sad that it's on the same time as the hills. I'm so conflicted regarding which one to watch first.