Monday, August 06, 2007

Random Comment

You know who's really creepy? (Besides Ben and Professor Umbridge.) Cillian Murphy, that's who. I caught Red Eye this weekend and he played such a psycho! Head butting my girl Rachel McAdams and at the end chasing her around with his stabbed throat - creepy! Plus I saw bits of Batman Begins, too, where he is again a bad guy (*very* bad)... I just can't picture him playing a nice, charming fellow.

Any why did they give him such a dorky Peter Tork hair-do for the Red Eye film???

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Anonymous said...

He's not creepy in 28 Days Later, though just about everything else in that movie is.

John said...

Funny, I have the exact same reaction to that creepy dude. Rare that we agree on something like that.

Anonymous said...

Strike my last comment; he's creepy in 28 Days Later too.