Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mystery Solved: Details behind Padma's Scar

I know on at least one occasion my friends and I have discussed the scar on Padma Lakshmi's (aka Top Chef host) arm. I thought I had read that no one really knew where it came from and that she wouldn't discuss it in interviews.

Guess I was wrong because she explains it all in an old Vogue article. She was in a car accident with her family when she was fourteen and her arm was completely shattered which left a scar about 1" wide and 7" long.

She successfully became a model regardless... at first, she modeled with long sleeves or with her arm covered in make-up and then eventually, it sort of became a beauty trademark. I guess like Cindy Crawford's mole or something.

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Amanda said...

that's so cool to know!! :)