Monday, August 13, 2007

Breakfast at Tiffany's, Big Brother, Real World - Sydney and other random comments

It's so nice to have movie channels! It's like having my own little Netflix because I get to check out so many new movies. Well, new to me, that is.

For example, I had a nice relaxing Friday evening watching Breakfast at Tiffany's - a classic Audrey Hepburn film. It was good - although there were a couple of items that totally threw me off. First off, Audrey's character, Holly Golightly is horrible to her poor cat! Of course, all is well by the end of the movie, but there were a couple of scenes during the film that I found horrifying! Poor little furball. But the cat treatment is NOTHING compared to Mickey Rooney's role in the film. Maybe this is well known to others, but not to me. For some reason, they decided to cast Mickey Rooney as Holly's cranky and eccentric neighbor that lives upstairs. Oh, did I mention the neighbor is also supposed to be Japanese???!!! His portrayal was so over-the-top with his facial expressions and "accent" and well, pretty much offensive and would NEVER fly in today's world. It's just so weird! I mean, you know, Mickey Rooney, right? He's that cute little old guy that used to be in all those movie musicals with Judy Garland when he was younger? Anyway, I'll always look at him differently now...

I also half-watched Dukes of Hazzard. Woah, they weren't kidding when they said Jessica Simpson couldn't act. I mean, it's not like she had to do much in this film - it wasn't a drama or anything! Seriously, every line was painful to watch. BUT - she did look amazing, I'll give her that.

Just Like Heaven - a chick flick with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, set in San Francisco. You'd think this would be a slam dunk for me, right? Surprisingly, no, it really wasn't. Didn't buy the chemistry... also I didn't really buy Reese as a doctor, which surprised me.

Over to the TV world... I caught bits and pieces of Real World - Sydney. First impressions - I don't think Kelly Anne is all that cute. Along those lines, I don't think Dunbar is all that hot either. And Parisa looks so much better in her interviews than in the day to day shots.

I was also going to post that people should check out Big Brother if for nothing else, to check out grown adults living in the house wearing full sized furry bunny suits. It's pretty amusing, I must say. But they have this guy - nicknamed Evil Dick - who's just that. Evil and a dick. He's just so cold and mean and says the cruelest things to all the other houseguests. And I think it's more than just game playing strategy - I think he really is that mean and cruel. And it's even worse because now other people are stooping to his level. They are lashing back with mean comments that they probably wouldn't say but they've just been egged on so much. It's not even entertaining anymore - it's just sad and depressing.

On to much more exciting news - The Hills is back tonight!!! YAY!!!

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

John said...

Jessica Simpson fulfilled her required duties perfectly in Dukes. Kelly Anne doesn't have to be hot, she just has to be slutty, which she does very well. E.D. is a better nickname for Evil Dick, because it also stands for Dysfunction, which is funny.

John said...

Oh, and I want to punch Parisa in the face.