Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Real World and DHV

So on this week's episode of VH1's The Pick Up Artist, we learned about the importance of demonstrating a higher value, or DHV.

For example, in last night's Real World-Sydney, I would have given Irish girl Noirin a decent DHV. But once she started snoggin' Isaac (sorry - still in Harry Potter mode) at the club, she immediately plummeted to a DLV in my book. Isaac is kind of ick. Don't even remind me about when they got back to the house.

The whole Dunbar-Parisa thing... sad! Dunbar to Parisa: "I respect you the most so I'm going to be the rudest to you." Parisa to Dunbar: "I'll tell you what I think by writing you a letter."

These people are so dysfunctional... why am I watching this???

1 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

John said...

Noirin is butt. I LOVE Kelly Anne and Cohutta, they are my favorites! And I love to hate Parisa. What a nut job.