Friday, August 24, 2007

Wrap Up of random things from TV this week

Here's some random comments from things I've seen on TV last week:

Newport Beach
Is it wrong to have a "Pretty in Pink" theme for a 32nd birthday party???

Top Chef
Dude, the chopping wars were awesome! I don't know what Casey was doing to those onions... she was cutting as slow as I would. Sara rocked! Diced onions were flying everywhere! And then Hung with those chickens? He scares me.

Big Brother and that new Drew Carey game show
To win HoH (head of household), houseguests had to guess the results of polls on various BB situations. For example, what percent of voters thought so and so looked best in the bunny outfit? There were a whole series of these and I thought, what a stupid game!!! Who cares! I didn't realize the whole game was just an advertisement of the new Drew Carey game show (in addition to The Price is Right) - the Power of 10.

Preview of Big Shots show
So I caught a commercial of that new Big Shots show while watching the Ugly Betty rerun. I had high hopes since it does have Michael Vartan (yum) but I have to say, the show looks completely obnoxious. It focuses on a group of four, young, rich, high-powered CEOs and all their "problems" with their women and their work stuff. Actually, only the scenes with Christopher Titus and Dylan McDermott bugged me. BUT they do have a good time slot this fall on Thursdays after Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.

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