Saturday, September 22, 2007

Star Wars casting scoop

I am thoroughly enjoying my lazy Saturday today. (Well, not that lazy - I did run 12 miles this morning. In the rain!) It's like the TV programmers knew I was going to be a bum today... MTV is running a marathon of this past season's So You Think You Can Dance and ABC Family is running a marathon of Ugly Betty! Yippee!

But for now, I'm parked at A&E for this Star Wars documentary called, "Star Wars: Empire of Dreams". It's a pretty cool special documenting the making of the original trilogy. I love this "behind the scenes" kind of scoop.

They just went through some of the casting, where they showed screen tests of various actors. Kurt Russell was almost Hans Solo. William Katt (Great American Superhero, the nice boy with the frizzy blonde hair in the Stephen King film, "Carrie") was almost Luke Skywalker, a character that was once called Luke Skykiller(???). And Cindy Williams (Shirley from Laverne & Shirley) was almost Princess Leia!!!

Well, I'm happy with the choices they made.

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Amanda said...

They also have "Miss Congeniality" on TBS. How can you resist that?! :)