Sunday, December 16, 2007

Checking back in with the Newport Harbor gang

MTV sure is nice - while we wait for the return of The Hills - Paris style, we get to check in with our old Newport Harbor friends.

Last time we saw them, Chrissy was headed to college (UCSB) and Clay was returning for his senior year (ooh, she was dating a younger man - did not know that!) and they decided to try a long distance relationship. Well, it looks like Chrissy took my advice and has found herself a cute little honey (with a cute little name - Billy!) at school. But she was still stringing poor Clay along...

And now she is returning back home for a weekend visit - the first time her and Clay have seen each other since she left! (I'd say about two months later) Unfortunately, Clay is leaving town to go visit colleges. So they have this super awkward dinner at his beach house where he wants to keep dating and she's being wishy washy.

The next night Chrissy has a party so it's too bad Clay can't come. But ALL his friends are there! And guess who else is there? Chrissy's sorority sisters from UCSB! And that's not all! They secretly invited... wait for it... BILLY! (Speaking of which, I think Billy looks sort of like a dark haired Justin Timberlake... thoughts, anyone?)

So now Billy is there with his entourage and there's all this whispering of who's that? Are they dating? What about Clay? etc etc Next thing you know, Chrissy is making out with Billy in front of everyone! Including Clay's friends! And her parents are home! DRAMA!

So Clay's buddy, Grant, leaves Clay a voicemail while at the party to tell him what's up. When Clay returns, he and Grant decide they need to make a trip to UCSB to check things out for themselves.

OK, what??? Grant already saw what was going down - he knows what's up. And now Clay knows, too, so wouldn't it have been simpler if Clay just called out Chrissy on it and be done with it? Is there really a need for the two of these misfits to take an hour and a half trip to SB just to catch his psuedo-GF making out with another dude?

But I don't want to digress from Chrissy's poorly planned PDA... a date with Clay one night where she is too much of a wimp to be honest and lets Clay think they are still hot and steady and then the next night is neckin' with another dude in front of all their friends??? STOOPID.

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