Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Awards: Fashion Report

I didn't actually catch the SAG awards last night, but I had fun reviewing all the red carpet pics this morning.

Here are some of my favorites:

I loved Becki Newton's dress - there were a lot of long white dresses but Becki's was definitely my favorite. As for America Ferrera, normally I wouldn't go for gray and lace, but I thought she looked so elegant and not "Ugly Betty" at all! Finally, Kate Beckinsale's dress added some fun to the red carpet with it's bright yellow color - hey, it worked for Reese last year!

BTW - I also think James Gandolfini's wife deserves a spot on the best-dressed list. And I know Chandra Wilson's look is a bit much and costume-y, but personally, I just loved how she went out there and had fun with it! Go Bailey!

And then the "Huh? I don't get it" ones...

I just didn't get Jane Krakowski's dress - the color, the decorations... it was a miss for me. And how could Michael Urie spend weeks rippin' the latest Miss America contestants just to show up at a big award event wearing a Pee Wee Herman outfit? Don't get it. Finally, Sandra Oh's dress was a little too much for me. Maybe if it didn't have the big bow and the long hanging ribbon, it might have been kinda cute.

Other ones... I didn't like the hair style choices of either Debra Messing or
Ana Ortiz.

I also thought Brittany Snow's dress was a little too mature and slinky for her. I think Christina Applegate did the look a lot better.

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Update for Sandra Oh's dress - it was actually a dedication to her heritage! There's a post on GoFugYourself about it. Now I think it's actually cool...though yeah still not cute especially...

John said...

"it was a miss for me"??!? Who are you? I ♥ Kate Beckingsale. And that chick is Tony Soprano's fiancee, not wife.

Ate said...

Speaking of yellow dresses, how about Vanessa William's gown? gorgeous!