Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thoughts on last night's Real Housewives

Just some random comments on last night's season finale:

1. According to Quinn, the chemistry between her and Billy is "undeniable". But honestly - their "flirting" during the whole Roxy act with the blonde wig was one of the most awkward things I've ever seen.

2. After all the build-up, we finally get to see Lauri and George's wedding - the one with no price budget! And yes, it was very pretty with the whole flower and garden thing with the big white tent dining area. I did find it amusing to see her come down the aisle in a traditional white fairy princess-like wedding dress given that this is her third wedding, but whatever. I was also surprised by her choice of green dresses for the bridesmaids... I didn't really find the color too appealing.

3. Jo came back! She's been busy recording her album and actually had a performance coming up. With dancers!!! (It figures she had to be the kind of singer that needs dancers... from what I remember, her voice is sorta ick.) I still can't get over the similarities between her and Heidi. I think Jo's former beau is supposedly managing her music career. *And* he's a tool just like Spencer.

And that was it for this season... not sure if I'll watch the NYC version of Real Housewives. The few promos I've seen didn't look that interesting. Good concept, though.

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