Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I thought he looked familiar!

So do you remember the dreadlocked American Idol contestant? OK, me neither because I don't think they really showed him during the audition and Hollywood rounds.

I washed my dreads - honest!
But then when they showed him at the beginning of tonight's American Idol episode, I kept thinking... I've seen him before! And then suddenly it came to me - he was the crush of that girl singer who had her own show on MTV. Of course, I couldn't remember her name, either, so I had to google to get to Cheyenne Kimball.

Jason was her crush and appeared in a few of the episodes. I didn't know he was a musician as well. I just figured he was some random boy from the 'hood.

I'm an MTV whore
Anyway, I can now rest easy now and enjoy the boys' performances.

What's up with throwing theme nights in already? Ick! Did they do this last year, too? I'd rather they sing what they want and save the themes for the top 12.

Who I'd like to see come back next week:

Not interested: Jason Yeager (Moon River), Luke Menard, and Garret Haley (Is it horrible that I kind of agreed with Simon on this one? He is kinda creepy looking...)

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