Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lost played Xanadu! ... and other highlights from last night's TV

Seriously, Hurley is awesome! How funny to hear him pop in that Xanadu tape! Perfect timing for Skater to get their groove on... or at least conspire against Locke.

And yay, we got to see clean cut Jack again! *sigh* What a dreamboat...

But let's get to the most important part of last night's episode of Lost - Kate's last line in the episode, of course! HOLY CRAP!!! Did *not* see that coming... of course, I'll be honest, I'm usually caught off guard on what happens in this show and I LOVE IT! I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't seen the episode yet so highlight the rest of the text in this paragraph to see my thoughts. So does that mean we know who the fifth member of the Oceanic Six is? And at the same time, who it isn't? And BTW - could it be that that character is still stuck on the island and one of the reasons why Jack eventually wants to go back? Or is she just gone for good? Oh, how sad... Anyway, if you-know-who is a member of the Oceanic Six, does that mean the last member is the person in the coffin in the season finale? I'm dying to know who that is! (Word is we'll find out this season, but I have a feeling it won't be until the post-strike episodes.) And how about Jack's testimony at Kate's trial - only eight of them survived the plane crash??? What the ---? And why doesn't he want to see the little one? And aren't they somehow related anyway? I'm sure there's more to discuss but that's all I got for now. just posted a really great interview with the producers of the show, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.

So moving on to American Idol... I'm so glad I waited to watch that show on my DVR and not live b/c I pretty much fast forwarded through the whole thing. I'm really annoyed with the producers and their whole theme night thing - not only were the solo performances this week a snooze b/c they couldn't really pick their own style of songs, but how about that group performance??? YUCK! It was so boring! They don't normally do group performances at this point, do they? I guess I just don't like changes. But c'mon, that performance was almost comical. Especially at the end when they all clumsily (is that even a word?) got into their final position and just stood there waiting for the last note so they could finally throw their arms out for the final pose. (You just know Amanda Overmyer was dying inside.)

Chris Sligh, from last season, posts his reviews on and he made a good point - it's mind-boggling that the judges sat in a room and all agreed that someone like Garret Haley or Luke Menard or Jason Yaeger would be better than Josiah Leming. (I may have messed up those names, but I'm too lazy to double check.) But I hear Josiah is doing well and that Ellen even had him on her show and gave him all these musical instruments and stuff. (But how will all that fit in his car???)

For me, the best part of the show was Paula Abdul's music video. I dug it. It reminded me of the good ole days of Straight Up and Forever Your Girl. I was so happy to see her dance in it - sure, you could tell she couldn't go all out like before but she rocked it. And of course, it was cool to see Randy. I am concerned if they have her perform the song on the show - what is she going to do? Lip sync on a singing competition show? (that she judges???!!!) Anyway, are you paying attention, Britney? You can have your comeback, too! We are dying to see you get your mojo back!

And then finally, we've got America's Best Dance Crew. Yes, Thursday is a busy night for me. This show is amazing. If you miss So You Think You Can Dance and are craving some *real* dancing (not that nonsense on that Dance Wars show), then you've got to check this show out. It's produced by Randy Jackson, hosted by Mario Lopez, and the judges are Shane Sparks, Lil Mama, and JC Chasez (and they're good judges, too). These guys are amazing! Here are my two favorite groups so far:


Kaba Modern

There's also a group that performs on old skool rollerskates!

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John said...

I'm going to assume anybody reading comments isn't worrying about spoilers since they have to click to get here. Does Aaron count as one of the Oceanic Six? How can anybody believe he's Kate's kid? They would know that she wasn't pregnant when the plane crashed and they were only gone 100 days or so. Unless the island's in a time warp, like the physics nerd's rocket experiment suggests. Jack not only said only 8 survived, but also said they crashed in the water (like the news footage plane, not like the one they really crashed in). Also, remember that Desmond had a vision of Claire and Aaron leaving the island in a chopper. Methinks Claire is dead. Methinks the other 30-so islanders are still on the island, and the Oceanic 6 are protecting them.

Amanda said...

And with all of that drama - I am so glad i never got myself into Lost...I would just be WAY too annoyed. ;)

I started watching American Idol so I can read your posts and know at least one show. Dan had fun comments - we liked the Filipino girl! I am sad that the rocker chick has my name - to me she just sounds like someone who smokes too much and has an attitude problem...

audgepodge said...

That's true - why are they sticking to the story about them crashing in the water? They must be still stuck there - why else would Jack go crazy with guilt and Sayid work as an assasin for Ben? WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED ON THAT ISLAND!

Did you ever watch the short-lived series "The Nine"? It's starting to remind me of that now.

Amanda - I know it seems like it would be a frustrating show to watch but honestly, it's so much fun! I'm so glad I picked it up last season. Plus it's easy to get into now, because before every new episode, they show the previous one with little pop up comments to help you follow the story (and sometimes give additional tidbits!)

How funny that you watched AI just to follow my blog! Isn't that what happened with The Hills? I'm such a bad influence. :P

What are your fave shows?

John said...

omg, I love love love "Pop Up Lost". I wish MTV would bring Pop Up Video back, that was the best...