Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All sorts of nonsense and chaos on last night's DWTS

People make fun of me for watching Dancing with the Stars, but I gotta tell ya - last night's episode was HIGHLY entertaining. Below are the top three items that I thought were worth noting.

1. Scoring

What were the judges smoking last night? I thought they scored Kristi pretty low but I'm assuming they're just scoring her against her previous performances. I was really appalled by their scoring of Shannon Elizabeth's tango. Are they kidding me??? During her performance, I was literally cringing b/c it was so awkward - her lankiness and her frozen facial expression made it look like she was impersonating a mannequin that Derek was tossing around. Carrie Ann called it her best performance to date - WHAT??? Their Viennese waltz is still the best for me.

2. Cristian (as in Cris-ti-AN) gets injured

Live TV... it's good stuff. You could tell something happened during the dance with his arm - it was a nice effort that he tried to keep up but then again, it did end up with Cheryl flat out on the floor. Ouch! Reminds me of when Mark Ballas pulled his arm during his encore performance of the cha-cha with Sabrina last season. Who knew ballroom dancing could be so dangerous!

3. Jason's Paso Doble

I swear the Paso Doble gets the most random song choices. Some are OK - like Drew Lachey's "Thriller" (I think that's what it was) or Mel B's "Free Your Mind". But then you get some random stuff like Joey Fatone's "Star Wars" theme.

Well, they really topped themselves last night with Jason's Paso Doble - danced to ... wait for it... the NFL theme song!!! I understand the connection and I know the performance was good and the scores were high but c'mon.... SO. LAME. Especially the end when Jason had his final pose with his arms in the goal post position. Eeeyikes...

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