Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thoughts from this past week of TV

How I Met Your Mother

To the regular HIMYM viewers - what did you think of the ending? Is it one you were rooting for (as I've read in some blogs) or was it a letdown?


So are Shannon and Derek really a couple now? Hello, Mrs. Robinson...

(OK, she's not *that* much older, but it's still kinda weird)

The Hills

That episode was full of awkwardness! But the exciting part was the teaser for next week - Stephen is coming back??? Interesting!

American Idol

I'm bummed that Carly is gone and that Syesha is still in BUT Syesha did give a really good performance last week. And I love all the randomness that Brooke brings! Her re-start was quite entertaining, wasn't it?

The Office

Michael just killed me in this episode. Favorite lines:

"I'm a bank teller." after explaining that Ryan recommends to always tell a woman you work in finance
"Best. Night. Ever." as Dwight and Ryan are passed out in Ryan's studio NYC apartment

Not to mention the peanut butter and calling his mom from the club nonsense

Ugly Betty

Henry? Gio? I'm so torn! And that episode made me hungry for cupcakes.

Grey's Anatomy

Regarding Izzie and all her unjustified tests on Cheech (estimated at $120,000 by the Chief)... I know this is just TV, but would this really fly? In the real world, wouldn't Cheech have to pay for all those tests? That would suck for some poor patient to possibly go into debt because of an overly competitive resident. Last year, my doctor ordered an EKG during my physical exam just to be safe after I mentioned my past fainting tendencies. I went along with it but was a little bummed to get the $100+ bill later. It's not a lot but enough to make me think, hmmm... maybe I didn't really need that test.

(BTW - IMHO, this epsiode overall was a bit of a letdown as a "return from the strike" episode.)


I didn't really enjoy this episode as much as other ones so it was more of a "plot-mover" episode for me.

Gossip Girl

Had to catch the encore on Sunday since the Monday at 8PM time slot is already double booked with DWTS and HIMYM.

Wow - these girls are serious beeyotches. I didn't think Jenny could recover from the Valentino incident but luckily for her, Nate saved the day! And I like where they are going with this Georgina storyline... very intriguing!

Keepin' up with the Kardashians

Kim with no make-up??? It's true.

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

John said...

NPH let me down. We heart Derek and Juilanne...Mormons are the best. How did Lexie and George end up in the same are they going to avoid hooking up? How you going to hate on show on TV. I miss Queen B ruling the roost, hoping she can regain her throne.

audgepodge said...

There's no hating on Lost here - it was just one of the episodes that I probably wouldn't watch again. I can't really pinpoint it but maybe it was too much violence (Alex) and not enough of heart and humor for me?

John said...

The Alex part was a bit violent, yeah. But it strikes an emotional chord as well though!