Thursday, April 17, 2008

Comcast Update

Thursday is a big TV night with my faves 30 Rock and The Office. Even BIGGER starting next week when Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and Lost are all back!

This is when I really need a *reliable* DVR.

Tonight - my DVR froze *three* times. Which means I had to unplug it three times. And wait three times for the channels to return, guide to load up, etc. etc. During which nothing was recorded.

* wahhhh *

Update on 4/18: My DVR was wiped clean again. After I re-set all my recordings, too. *sniff, sniff* Will check out TiVo's this weekend...

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John said...

While you're waiting, just call Comcast and tell them your DVR is broken. They'll roll a truck and bring you a new one. I went through four while waiting for TiVo to launch their Series 3.