Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dance Attire

I've been watching "Step It Up and Dance" - Bravo's version of the dance competition show. You know, the one hosted by Jessie Spano (who's actually not that bad of a host).

I love professional dancers but I just don't get the clothes they wear when they rehearse. So many layers and stuff! It's not just these guys, I see it all the time - on So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, America's Best Dance Crew, etc.

They have scarves (scarves! I would probably choke myself if I try that), layers of clothes, leg warmers (you know I'm talking about Edyta), knit caps, etc.

Back in my old dance days (heehee), I would get so *hot* during dance class - no way could I deal with all that extra stuff.

Does anyone else find this odd?

Anyway, "Step It Up and Dance" isn't bad. It's no Project Runway and I'm not even quite sure if it's a Top Chef. But they are definitely talented and it's kind of interesting. This episode's challenge had all of them doing a hip hop battle - even the male ballet dancers! Funny.

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David Dust said...

Step It Up and Dance is highly entertaining - scarves and all!

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