Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More "On-board Entertainment" reviews...

So before I forget, I have one more movie review from my 10 hour flight on Saturday. I only caught one flick this time - for one reason, the movie selection was the same as the way out so my choices were a lot more limited and two, I knew I needed to sleep on this flight if I wanted to have any chance of readjusting to the PST time zone.

Drillbit Taylor: As you may imagine, I was getting pretty desperate when looking for entertainment during dinner service. But you know what? I really enjoyed this movie! OK, yes, it is a classic stupid little boy movie - but let me tell you, it had me laughing out loud on many occasions. I briefly read a review afterward and I guess it's a total rip off of Superbad (btw - I believe Drillbit Taylor was co-written by Seth Rogen) but I've never seen Superbad so it was all new to me. The premise is that these three adorably dorky kids keep getting bullied at school so they hire Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson), who unbeknownst to them happens to be a homeless dude, to protect them. In trying to come off as this all-knowing dude, Owen would say the most ridiculous things with such a straight face that it just cracked me up every time. Some examples: he listed "Panda Express" as one of the fancy martial arts tricks that he'll teach them, or he would warn the bullies "This is over now, alright? Abierto!" (funny if you took Spanish), or he would say the army taught him to "Have It Your Way." When one of the kids asked, "Isn't that Burger King?", he paused and then replied, "Where do you think they got it from?"

Anyway - this movie really cracked me up and I'd probably watch it again. The kids were just as hilarious, by the way. I also have to note that I loved the cameo by Adam Baldwin who played the high school bodyguard in the appropriately named 1980 film, "The Bodyguard". Adam now plays another tough guy on the NBC show, "Chuck" - btw, does anyone know if that is coming back?

On a side note, I forgot to mention that I also watched "Be Kind, Rewind" (Jack Black, Mos Def) during the first flight. I sort of watched it as I was really doing work on my laptop at the time but from what I recall, it wasn't anything that great.

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