Thursday, July 17, 2008


My random thoughts:

  • How convenient that Jessica was injured... she was definitely the girl to go this week, dontcha think?
  • Bollywood, Pas de Deux: Thumbs up / Two Step: Thumbs down
  • What's up with Comfort and Twitch? Are they a behind the scenes couple? The bickering rehearsal footage for the smooth waltz was a little suspicious
  • Wow, I can't believe how much Mark and Kherington lost their spark with the new partnering... they should have killed that Jamiroquai routine (hello - Center Stage, anyone?) and it fell flat
  • Note to self: add "buck" to my urban vocabulary
  • Round 1: Winner - Chelsie and Gev (Contemporary) / Loser - Kherington and Mark (Two Step)
  • Round 2: Winner - Katee and Will (Pas de Deux) / Loser - Kherington and Mark (Jazz)
  • Male Solos: Winner - Twitch, Loser - No one, they were all amazing
  • Female Solos: Winner - Courtney, Loser - Chelsie

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