Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kenny from Dancelife returns to my TV

One of my favorite movies is "Center Stage". One of my favorite shows is (was) MTV's "Dancelife".

So imagine my excitement when I flipped through the pages of my Entertainment Weekly and discovered that there is a sequel, "Center Stage: Turn It Up", featuring my fave "Dancelife" dancer, Kenny!!!

It looks like the only returning cast members are Ethan Stiefel (horrible actor, amazing ballet dancer) and Peter Gallagher. Oh, and it looks like the winner of Bravo's "Step It Up and Dance", Cody Green, also appears in the movie.

I missed the movie debut on the Oxygen network but have set my DVR to record an encore performance Friday night at 7:30PM. They are also showing the original "Center Stage" right before it at 5PM, so I'm recording that, too.

Yay! The review in EW was horrible, but who cares! There will at least be good dancing, right?

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