Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Night TV comments

Look, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great and all but I am soooooo tired of the Denny Duquette storyline.


Other thoughts on my must see TV tonight...

Ugly Betty
- Bummer! Why did the cute neighbor dude (aka guy from Cougar episode of 30 Rock) have to make out with Amanda?

The Office

- Loved the sales call simulation with Dwight, Michael, and Jim
- Pam cheering, "That's what she said!"
- The whole Dwight-Angela thing is getting creepy, I mean, creepier

30 Rock
- Oprah!!!

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Agreed - SO sick of Denny. Anytime that Izzie is remotely trying to move on with new guy - BAM - Denny. Enough already. And kinda happy that this is Hahn's last week on show. She always bugged me. Wish they would stop little Grey from being such a whiny brat all the time - reminds me of a little sister just begging to play with the old's getting old.

Pam saying "That's what she said" was hilarious!! Thought it was a little dumb about Kelly sabatoging Dwight and Jim...I mean she had to know they'd find out. The mugs were hilarious though.

Liz Lemon saying - oh that would explain a couple things that Oprah said - "My boyfriend is in 9th grade."

Cindy said...

yeah, the office was a cute episode. i went to high school with 2 of those guys--it's so weird to see them on tv--on a really good show! if jim and pam don't get in the same city again soon i might get an ulcer.

Cindy said...

i went to school with brian baumgartner (he looks so much older!!) and ed helms. and i recognized a guy from my school who accepted an emmy for the daily show. wtf? i feel like an unerachiever!