Thursday, January 01, 2009

Audrey's Top Ten Entertainment / Pop Culture Stuff for 2008

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration.

Just wanted to do one more wrap up 2008 post on stuff that entertained me this year - I came up with this list while on the way to the mall over Christmas vacation so can't promise this covers everything but I think I got the main stuff. So here goes!

1. Facebook

Where do I begin with this? It's totally changed my life! Not only does it make my busy-body lifestyle so much easier in terms of stalking my friends :) but it has been an amazing tool for reconnecting with friends and family. I feel so much more connected to my "network" - even if I don't talk to them, I know what people are up to and it's such a nice feeling. And I love seeing friends from school all grown up and stuff.

Of course, I also laugh at how much extra "grief" it can cause. Friend requests, for one. My sister jokes that it is harder to get on my friend's list than to get into some fancy club. HA! Or knowing people's relationship issues based on their "status". Etc Etc. But I still love it and I check it obsessively. If you're not on it (I'm looking at you, Mr and Mrs G!) - just join already! I promise to "friend" you :) - yes, it's a verb now.

2. iPhone

#1 and #2 are actually a toss up because I really love both so much but I only got my iPhone recently so I made it #2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my iPhone. It's just so slick and fun. Even when I was in Japan and didn't have access to the networks, I still had my phone at all times. I watched videos and listened to music while traveling to different customer sites or just played Sudoku.

I love the GPS capability because I am always getting lost. Yesterday, I was running with my friends in Danville - an area I'm not too familiar with. We wanted to go to Starbucks and I just used the Yellow Page application to find the nearest one to my "Current Location". Love it! I don't even need to know where I am anymore- haha. I feel very high tech with so much information at my fingertips.

I even love the little things - like the little sounds it makes when you take a picture or lock it. Sure, it has some limitations compared to smartphones - like no video or modem capabilities (for now, maybe?) but I don't mind because it is such a fun toy. Even my mom owns one and she loves it!

3. YouTube makeup tutorial videos

OK, I know this one really only makes sense to me but I've really learned so much this year about applying make-up from watching various YouTube tutorial videos. It sounds vain, I know, but I see it as almost a form of artwork and a place to practice creativity. It's really been fun for me this year to play with "new looks" and stuff, especially since I used to never wear make-up that much. But even just little basic things like lining your eyes and filling in your eyebrows just gives your face a more polished, cleaned up look.

The one drawback is that it definitely has had a big impact on my credit card - but oh well! At least it's not an unhealthy habit, right?

If you're curious to check some out, here is a sampling of my favorite "guru's". A lot of them do looks that are a little too bold for me but it's fun to modify them for a more conservative approach - heehee:

4. Election - specifically Saturday Night Live coverage

OK, obviously the 2008 election was a huge moment in history and should be at the top of the list but I'm strictly speaking from my entertainment perspective. I loved SNL this fall with all their election "coverage". Who didn't die from laughing every weekend watching Tina Fey take on Sarah Palin? So hysterical! Or that one spoof of the presidential debate that had the guy playing John McClain aimlessly pacing back and forth in front of the camera blocking "Obama". Heehee!

And of course, watching the celebration once the results were announced was just awe-inspiring. A beautiful moment in American history. Can't wait to see the inauguration coverage!

5. Twilight

I really don't know if I've ever obsessed over any books / movie as much as this one! Sure, I loved the Harry Potter books but I literally could not put the Twilight series of books down - I devoured all four in less than two weeks. I initially thought it was just another crazy Audrey thing but then I kept discovering that other ladies my age were the exact same way!

I consider myself a cynic when it comes to romance so when I read the first book, I was constantly rolling my eyes at this crazy passionate love story between Edward and Bella. Mostly at how perfect this Edward was - so beautiful and god-like and so passionately and selflessly in love with Bella. He is described as so perfect, I thought how they heck can they live up to this in the movie?

And wow - Robert Pattinson was AMAZING as Edward Cullen in the movie. The movie in general has become a separate obsession in itself. Yes, I'll admit to have seeing it multiple times - it has so many swoon worthy scenes! But they also just did a wonderful job with staying faithful to the book while even enhancing the enjoyment of the story with all the amazing shots of "Forks, Washington". And it was definitely a movie for the "fans" - including a cameo by the author, a shot similar to the cover of the Twilight book, and having a great soundtrack that features scenes using music from one of the author's favorite bands (Muse) as well as two songs from Pattinson himself.

6. So You Think You Can Dance

I think this year was my favorite season yet - which says a lot, because the show is always amazing. My two favorite dancers were Katee and Mark and I was thrilled with the addition of choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon. I loved how their hip hop routines still had so much passion and emotion in them.

Also - I was so excited that we were FINALLY able to see Nigel and Mary shake their stuff during the finale show. We always hear about their dance background but we never get to see it so it was fun when they finally showed off their stuff.

My friends and I got to see the tour when it came to San Jose and we had such a blast!

7. Olympics

Beijing definitely didn't disappoint. The opening ceremonies were amazing! (Did you guys catch it when they showed an encore presentation last weekend?) But it really was about the athletes - hello Michael Phelps! It's so fun to cheer on with the rest of your country.

8. Lost

Lost was amazing this year! They whole flash forward thing added a whole level of excitement and intrigue to the show and kept us glued to our TVs trying to figure out who made up the Oceanic 6 and stuff. I also have to note that Jin and Sun episode because it was just so touching for me... when we thought we were seeing a flash forward for both Jin and Sun but it really was a flashback for one and a flash forward for the other, making us realize that only one of them made it to the Oceanic 6 (as far as we know).

I'm so excited for it to come back this month - I feel like a lot of my usual favorites (Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, Office, Ugly Betty) have sort of been blah for me this season. I hope Lost continues to keep us thrilled!

9. Beyonce's Single Ladies

The song is catchy, the video is slick, but it was really the spoof on SNL that made this song a top entertainment source for me for 2008. I literally watched that SNL spoof half a dozen times in a row - cracking up everytime and spotting some new dance move that I hadn't seen before. All those boys just killed me. People seem to dog on Beyonce a lot, but c'mon - she's a good sport, isn't she?

10. Britney's comeback

Awww... Britney, I'm so proud of her. She didn't make me cringe this year! Like I said in my earlier post, I wouldn't say she's 100% back but she's doing great and her songs are super catchy. I just hope she stays on the right track. That MTV profile on her was kind of sad at times so hopefully she finds more happiness while still being healthy.


So that's all I've got for now. What do you think? Anything I missed?

6 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Fun list! I can't think of any big things (my wedding doesn't count) to add but then again, I have a horrible memory for the year. I should watch the makeup videos...goodness knows I could use some help! hee.

KellyG said...

Roger that on Facebook, Audrey. I'm sure it'll happen sometime in 2009...probably as soon as everyone else gets sick of it! :)

KellyG said...

Btw...I'm loving your new template. Very clean-looking and easy to read.

Julianne said...

I totally agree with you about Faceook and iPhone! I can totally relate. :-)

RoadBunner said...

I have vowed to keep my palm treo (two years old) for another two years! Hopefully I can hold out.

I signed up to get the first Twilight book at the library. I'm not sure how many copies are in the system, but there are literally 364+ people AHEAD of me in line. Sigh.

Okay, one of these days you have to give me makeup tutorials. I am a total spazz when it comes to makeup and rarely wear any. My own MOM even remarked I should put some on!

Cindy said...

what a great list. the apple scene/book cover didn't register until i read your post- i love stuff like that! i am a closet hopeless romantic GOOBER so i ate all that up. all the more embarrassing!
facebook- what hilarious micro-social dilemmas play out on there. my mother in law joined fb. i wish i were kidding. i refuse to add her. it's too ridiculous. that is totally jumping the shark for me!