Monday, December 29, 2008

MAC Holiday Collection - Lip Glosses Galore!

I know I briefly toyed with the idea of starting a make-up blog but since I'm so bad with updating the other ones I already have, why bother? (The only reason I'm being pretty good now is because I'm home but not working.) So I'm going to post my make-up related nonsense here...

I went crazy this season with MAC's holiday collection! I already bought some items early in the season but then right before Christmas, everything was marked 25% off! And MAC stuff never goes on sale (unless you go to the outlet), so I jumped on this. Personally, I love getting "sets" since I'm still experimenting and stuff.

You may have recalled from my earlier post that I was digging the lip gloss collections. Well, my sister came through and got me the one I wanted the most (the neutral lips) for Christmas. I then treated myself to the pink and coral ones using the MAC discount (did I mention they offered free shipping too?)

So here they are!!! It's like my own little lipgloss counter display :)

And here are swatches of all the colors on my hand:

Neutral (top row, from L to R): Languish, Love Nectar, Beaux, Mouthwatering, C-thru

Coral (middle row, from L to R): Wonderstruck, Budding, Ola Mango!, Pink Grapefruit, Underage

Pink (bottom row, from L to R): Flashmode, Little Vi, Song and Dance, Magnetique, Fleur de Light

Also, I'm starting to learn that MAC has their own special way of naming things. For example, these aren't really "lip glosses"... they are "lipglasses" and "lustreglasses". I think lustreglass is pretty much a lipglass with a sparkly shimmer. Also, the lipglass has those "doe foot" sponge applicators while the lustreglass uses a brush. I'm sure you are all glad that I've enlightened you on these details.

Anyway, in each of the sets above - the first two are lustreglasses and the last three are lipglasses.

So far, I've worn Love Nectar, Beaux, and Song and Dance and I've liked them all. I'm really excited about having so many different options now for different looks and stuff :)

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Wow - and I thought I was cool with my 4 pack from Bare Essentials! Mine have flavors though and make my lips tingle cause supposedly they are to plump the lips. I had to laugh since I really don't think my lips need to get any bigger!! Ah's fun having lip glosses!

audgepodge said...

Haha... I remember trying those on with you up in Union Square. Yeah, you don't need to make your lips any fuller... although, I didn't think they really did anything - do you?