Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thoughts on Twilight deleted scenes?

Interesting scene... but I'm glad they left this out. It felt kind of cheesy to me. But maybe that's just because I just love Twilight the movie the way it is now. Or maybe because I'm not watching it in the context of the rest of the film.

But don't get me wrong, I am DYING to see the deleted make-out scenes! *wink, wink*

BTW - if you're a freak like me and watched the Comic-con panel discussion last year (on youtube, not in person), I think this is one of the scenes that Kristen Stewart named as one of her favorites from filming (the final cut had not been released yet).

UPDATE - More Deleted Scenes!

UPDATE #2 - Danger in the Woods

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

joyRuN said...

You are a BAD BAD influence, girl!

As I settle in to get some sleep this morning, I click on the vid & promptly get sucked in.

So much so that I went down to your old posts & proceeded to watch THE REST of the movie! (The part one of the yahoo series is gone, but I was desperate enough to look around the interwebs & find it again.)

Now how am I going to explain myself lining up to get this daggone DVD (coming out March 21st!) when I could barely explain getting the books?

Holy long comment.

Jamie said...

yeah not a fan of that 1st cut scene. It's cheesy even for twilight standards :) Although I would have liked the 1st extended scene in the diner to have stayed that was good and explained why they were in the diner instead of her cooking like the book.

audgepodge said...

Joy: I'm sorry! And you better believe I will be lining up with you when the DVD comes out. Even if that means I'm there at midnight by myself.

Jamie: I agree - I wish they had kept the diner scene, too! I like the part when her dad explains why he likes the Cullens.