Thursday, June 25, 2009

SYTYCD: Thoughts on Top 16

This is for you Alisa!

I thought tonight's performance was definitely a step up from last week's dudfest where I struggled to pick any favorites. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I am not a fan of Toni Basil as a SYTYCD judge. She rambles on and on and none of her commentary is interesting or entertaining. I miss Adam Shankman, however, he won't be back to SYTYCD until the finale per his tweets.

Anyway, out of the 8 performances, here are my top 3 favorites:

1) Phillip and Jeannine - Broadway by Tyce Diorio

I am always a fan of the Broadway routines and this one was super cute. Nigel was somewhat harsh with Phillip, but come on! He leaped (leapt?) a 6ft couch *and* ripped his pants on national TV!

(Audio disabled - let me know if you have a better link)

2) Randi and Evan - Contemporary by Mia Michaels

The butt dance... very slinky and smooth and sensual... different and fun! And I have to say, Randi is really growing on me - she's really fun to watch.

3) Janette and Brandon - Hip Hop by Dave Scott

This was a toughie... I also liked the Rumba but ultimately Brandon won me over with his hip hop skills! You would never have known that was not his traditional background.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Melissa and Ade - Rumba by Tony Meredith
    I also liked them because I love the Destiny's Child version of Emotion, heehee
  • Kayla and Kupono - Viennese Waltz by Jean Marc Generaux
    Side note: I love Jean Marc, he always cracks me up in rehearsal footage
  • Caitlin and Jason - Paso Doble by Jean Marc Genereaux
    I was surprised Jason got the harsher critiques as I didn't feel Caitlin danced it as "sharp" as he did

So that means my bottom two are:
  • Karla and Jonathan - Hip Hop by Dave Scott
  • Auska and Vitolia - Jazz by Mandy Moore

My guess is that Jonathan will go home for the guys but it's a toss up between Karla and Auska for the girl.

What did you guys think about the show?

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Alisa said...

Yay! Thanks! I have been so busy with moving and work I haven't been able to watch any of these yet. So happy to see some of your fave clips--yeah!

I did watch a few clips from last week and it solidified my love for the new black eyed peas album with "imma be" but the dance was only so-so. I liked her but not him.

Excited to watch these clips! Thanks CHICA!

P.S. See you at the 1/2 marathon start line right???? =)

Runner Leana said...

I really like Randi and Evan and Janette and Brandon's routine.

I thought Asuka and Vittolio were terrible. Actually, Asuka was terrible because she could not keep up. I think it is time for her to go home.

I thought Karla did well in the hip hop. Jonathon...he's my pick to go home for the guys.

I really thought they should have kept Max last week.

You should see Jean Marc when he does SYTYCD Canada! He's the Nigel of the show up here. He comes across as so dirty old man...oggling all the girls. It was terrible!

And yeah, I pretty well FF through Toni Basil and Debbie Alan all the time. And sometimes Mary because all of the screaching gets annoying after awhile!

Alisa said...

Just eating lunch now. I heart Mia Michaels! She always does cool stuff but not as weird as the guy that did the "fox" dance.