Friday, July 23, 2010

Flashback Friday: Tron

I don't really remember the old Tron movie from the 80's but apparently there's a new Tron coming out this year (thanks Comic Con news!). And apparently it stars a hot young actor, Garrett Hedlund. The only reason I know him is because he is just getting ready to film On the Road with girl crush Kristen Stewart. OK, now I'm paying attention.

I checked out some clips and it looks pretty cool! I also looked up clips from the original to see if it would ring a bell, but it didn't. I did get a good laugh at how much movie animation has improved in the last twenty years.

Lightbike scene from 1982 Tron:

Lightbike scene from 2010 Tron:

Tron Legacy comes out December 17th. More info on movie site.


Here's the latest trailer

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