Thursday, July 22, 2010

TV Thursday: Covert Affairs

It's summer hiatus for a lot of the big network shows, but never fear - I can always find some good TV! Thank goodness for cable TV...

I tried out a new show this week, Covert Affairs (10PM, Tues, USA Network). It premiered last week but I didn't pay much attention to it until I saw a bunch of buzz about it on Twitter.

It stars the adorable Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, anyone?) as a fresh-out-of-training (i.e. the "farm") CIA operative. I would say she's undercover... but are all CIA peeps undercover? Eh, whatever.

Anyway, yeah, it sounds like Alias, but not really. She doesn't have all those crazy disguises like good ole Sydney, although she did have to play a DC call girl for a bit.

The show has some other familiar faces, such as Chris Gorham (or to me, Henry from Ugly Betty) who plays her guide of some sort (and buddy) at the CIA. A blind guide, ironically. There's also the big boss man played by Peter Gallagher (who to me, will always be the ballet director from Center Stage).

So there is some action, some fight scenes... I would almost consider it a poor man's Alias. But I do find Piper very likable so there is that.

Oh and there is this also underlying story line about a brief romance that Piper's character had two years ago. The dude just abruptly left her with no explanation and left her broken hearted. At the end of the pilot, we learn he may possibly be another CIA operative that disappeared long ago but reappeared once Piper's character joined the CIA. He even saved her from being choked to death by the bad guy villain in the pilot - and then of course disappeared immediately afterward. I personally think they could have picked a more handsome fella for this love interest, but that's just me.

Anyway... I'm not completely sold on this show, although I did add it to my DVR. I worry that they may try too hard to create these complex story lines which is how my beloved Alias ultimately lost me. I'm already struggling to remember their TLA (three letter acronym) department names.

On a separate note, The Closer is back! Love that show :)

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Jamie said...

It is definitely no alias... but I love piper (and coyote ugly!) and there are some good fight scenes. a good summer show when not much else it on tv.