Thursday, August 05, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Snap Clips

Every girl has her favorite way of keeping her hair out of her face. I've personally always been a big fan of snap clips and have been wearing them for years. My favorite ones are by Goody. I seem to be always buying new packs of them because I am always losing them.

I actually just discovered they were called "snap clips" while writing this post. I had otherwise called them the gymnasts' hair clips because I always notice Olympic gymnasts wearing a crazy amount of them all over their head during competitions. For good reason - these suckers keep the hair in place. My hair is short so I don't really do the ponytail thing but there are times when I want to keep my bangs out of the way and these do the job well. Some people may like bobby pins but those always move around on me plus I hate when the one pointed up end sticks out.

What's your method of choice? Elastic, headband, hair clips, claw clips, etc... Sometimes you just want that hair out of the way!

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bsmommy said...

I love headbands now that I have this short cut that I'm growing out. I have one reallllly old one by Goody that I love and none other that are pain free and look loose and casual.
It's a piece of silk with a strap of really stretched out elastic on the back. Help me find some Audrey. And then let's talk nail polish which I love.