Tuesday, August 03, 2010

TV Tuesday: Rachel Zoe Project returns!

Woops, sorry, I do realize I missed a couple of posts last week and this one is late. Oh well! It really is just a *loose* schedule after all.

Who else is watching The Rachel Zoe Project? I personally love learning new catchphrases from Ms. Zoe. You know, things like "shut it down", "this is bananas", etc. I noticed her also saying "major" but I will always attribute that to the fabulous Posh Spice (who remembers her one time NBC reality special? It was so amazingly awesome! I mean - amazingly MA-JUH!)

I was expecting more nonsense in this season's opener of The Rachel Zoe Project. I was not expecting Taylor to be fired! I think I remember hearing she had left but thought it was her choice. But the discussion between Rachel and Roger, while vague, implied that Taylor had been doing something sketchy with the books, samples, etc. Scandal!!!

Taylor does not appear at all in this episode except for flashbacks. There was an interesting article from EW about how Bravo didn't even let Taylor defend herself. Even more interesting, there was no response from Taylor herself on her Twitter. (At least not as of this posting.)

Moving on to the Demi Moore photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar... WOW. That shoot was ridonkulous. Now that I have some experience with fashion photography, it's amazing to watch the amount of production required for a major magazine's cover shoot. I mean, they brought a 15' giraffe out to some random beach!!! And being the frugal person I am, I can't help but wonder if the cost of the whole thing is really justified but what do I know. I mean, do they really sell more issues with this kind of cover versus just a studio shot of Demi? Obviously I understand the artistic intention because it really is an amazing shot. It's just my frugal self is always fascinated by the production costs.

Anyway, the shoot generated some beautiful images. See the rest of the photos here. And props to Demi for being able to rock 12" heels in that giraffe shot. I can barely stand in 4" heels.

After seeing the preview for this upcoming season, there seems to be hints of more Taylor drama. Honestly, I'm not interested in that and would rather just see more fab styling. I get enough petty drama from my Real Housewives shows.

On a separate note, how are we already upon the season finales of Pretty Little Liars and Bethenny Getting Married? Darn those mini seasons of new shows!

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