Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Take: Dancelife - Party Time

We got to see the kids have a little bit more fun this time around. First, Blake had a viewing party for the premiere of the Gap commercial that he and Staci appeared in. (By the way, I've continued my trend of downloading tunes I’ve discovered from TV show soundtracks and commercials. In case you're wondering, the song used in the Gap ad is "Do Ya" by Peaches.)

Guests included the cast of MTV’s Dancelife minus Nolan and some other randoms. Cute Kenny joked about how it was cool to watch the commercial he didn’t get. (But don’t forget, you got the J. Lo tour, Blake didn’t.)

Then Boston, oops – I mean, BAHston Kenny had a BBQ (as in BAH-be-que, love their accents!) at his apartment pool with his roommate Nick. Guests included the cast of MTV’s Dancelife minus Nolan and some other randoms. They played beer pong – how cute!!!

The kids also did a master class with some krumping – it was rad.

And in honor of tomorrow’s romantic holiday, we got some lovey-dovey-ness, too! Cute Kenny’s girlfriend, Ashley from the Pussycat Dolls, is back in town from Europe where she’s been touring with her girls. It was soooo cute seeing them reunited, but I’m sure it was just a little bit awkward having all the cameras and the other PCDs watching. Unfortunately, they only got to spend a little bit of time together because Ashley was only home for a few days before she had to head out to Asia. And during one of those days home (the next morning actually), PCD had to film their new music video. Disappointed, Kenny went off to the studio after their date to dance it off. It was really cool – once I find a good quality video clip, I’ll post it here.

The next day, Kenny visited her on set and I was so sure he was going to break up with her because he was always missing her and they barely got to spend anytime together. But no, he just wanted to apologize for his behavior the night before, and they’ll just have to wait to be able to spend more time together.

Jersey got some lovin’, too. Kenny’s roommate, Nick, took her out for a salsa date. This was the first time for both so it was cute to see professional dancers still get nervous about learning something new in front of other people. The date was going pretty well until Nick dropped the bomb that he was leaving soon to go appear in “Hairspray” in Toronto for five months. Man, I’ve said it before, but it really does suck for those guys in the entertainment business to have a personal life.

So, no Nolan this week. It looks like we’ll see more of Staci next week as she takes a stab at being a recording artist – interesting! And was that Britney’s old dancer, TJ, in the previews??? What happened to him???

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