Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I *heart* EW almost as much as I *heart* Twilight

If I could pick a dream job, I would love to work in the offices of Entertainment Weekly. The writers there crack me up! I already mentioned their entertaining coverage of American Idol, but I also want to highlight some highly entertaining posts on Robert Pattinson.

As I mentioned on my other blog, yes, I *loved* and totally swooned over Pattinson's performance as Edward Cullen but he also cracks me up because he seems like such an awkward, funny, goofy guy. And I think the EW writers did a good job of picking that up as well.

- EW Article: Robert Pattinson GQ cover story read along!
- EW Article:
'Twilight' DVD: Best of Robert Pattinson's audio commentary

(I just realized both were written by the same writer, Mandi Bierly - LOVE HER!)

Note: I don't know if this will be entertaining to those that didn't read the article or get the Twilight DVD or even know who RPattz is (Hi Ryan!)

4 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Marcy said...

I don't know if I can read it. It might taint my fantasies HAHA!

Jamie said...

His audio commentary was cracking me up and that article was just as good! He seems like a big goofball which makes me love the kid even more :)

Cindy said...

check, check and check on your note :) i've read those and was highly amused. that guy is too cute.

Alisa said...

I must get the Twilight DVD. It doesn't come out on Netflix til March 31st.